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About The Angel (2018)

The Angel is an upcoming American spy and suspense film directed by Ariel Vromen and starring Marwan Kenzari and Toby Kebbell, among others.


The Angel

Ashraf Marwan, the son-in-law of President Nasser, becomes a special adviser while working.

Initial launch: 2018

Director: Ariel Vromen

Distributed by: Netflix

Budget: 12 million USD

Languages: Arabic language, Hebrew language

The Angel (2018) online news

‘The Angel’ Trailer: Ariel Vromen’s real-life thriller follows Middle East’s most famous espionage

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Ashraf Marwan was many things: the son-in-law of President Nasser of Egypt, a special adviser and confidant of his successor Anwar Sadat, and a spy of Israel during one of the most turbulent times in relations with the Middle East. His adventures worthy of the film inspired Uri Bar-Joseph’s successful book “The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel,” and now they are the material of a real movie, watched over by Israeli director Ariel Vromen.


Marwan Kenzari cast of The Angel
Marwan Kenzari

Set in the late 60s, after the Six Day War, “The Angel” follows Marwan (Marwan Kenzari, who will soon be seen as Jafar in the live-action film “Aladdin”) while being dragged into a conflict between such powers as Israel, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, risking their own lives to avoid another horrible conflict. And, yes, his code name was El Angel, and apparently for a good reason.

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The film has all the markers of a great spy feature, which was part of the Vromen draw, best known to the American public for its previous effort, “The Iceman”, but there is much more to “The Angel” than just the genre attractive

“I think spy movies always represent a story of betrayal and what is at stake is very high,” Vromen told IndieWire. “It is a very interesting point of view to enter the political or militant arena and see it through the eyes of high-ranking personnel who need not only to collect information, but to risk their lives to provide that information … Make a line perfectly dramatic for any kind of story. “

Despite the striking nature of the story, what really surprised Vromen were Marwan’s motivations, which he maintains really rooted in a deep desire for peace. “By investigating what motivated Ashraf Marwan, I discovered one of his best friends, but not until it was late,” he said. “He told me that … in every business or arms shop and at every dinner or social event, there was a word that came from Ashraf until the day of his death and that it was ‘peace.’ He always sought peace at all times. his life.”

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For the filmmaker, that helped to highlight a unique element of the film, that “this was not just a story of revenge”, it was much more.


Toby Kebbell cast of The Angel
Toby Kebbell cast of The Angel

Watch the first exclusive IndieWire trailer for “The Angel” below. Netflix will release the movie on September 14.


Netflix released the first trailer of its upcoming Israeli spy thriller, The Angel, based on Uri Bar-Joseph’s best seller, The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel.

A photo of the Angel. YouTube screen still of the Angel. YouTube screenshot
The director of Ariel Vromen will follow the true story of Ashraf Marwan, the son-in-law of Egyptian President Nasser, who was special adviser and confidant of his successor Anwar Sadat, as well as Israel’s spy during one of the most turbulent times. in Western Asia, IndieWire reports.

The fast-paced trailer with fast screen blackouts, vibrant background sound sets the stage for the spooky spy movie starring Marwan Kenzari as Ashraf Marwan. The film, set in the 60s, will document the days after the Six Day War.

In an interview for IndieWire, director Ariel Vromen had revealed that during his research for the film, he had discovered that Marwan’s motivations for all his actions were deeply rooted in his desire for peace. A look at the sentiment is provided in the trailer, where, being asked why despite being Egyptian, he was helping Israel, Marwan’s character replied: “Because millions of innocent people will die on both sides, that’s why.”

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José Sacristán cast of The Angel
José Sacristán cast of The Angel
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balcony of your London house, overlooking a rose garden a few meters from Piccadilly Circus. The next day, British, Israeli and Egyptian newspapers spoke of a mysterious death. Mysterious actually was the life of the 63-year-old Egyptian, whose Netflix has dedicated a $ 12 million movie, which will be aired for the first time on September 14. The intrigues around the son-in-law of the Egyptian Rais Gamal Abdel Nasser are worthy of a novel by John Le Carré: for the Israelis, he is one of the most important spies in his history, the man who a few hours from Yom Kippur In the war of 1973, he would have warned the army leaders of the impending attack.

Born in 1944, Marwan was the son of a general in charge of the Egyptian military chemical program. President Nasser’s genre, Marwan first worked in the leader’s cabinet and then became one of the political advisers to his successor, Anwar el Sadat. In the trailer for the movie, titled The Angel, whose codename is the alleged spy, Marwan, locked in a red telephone booth in a rainy London, he contacts the Israeli embassy: “I have information of interest to the Israeli secret services.” His story, which emerged over the years of Israeli journalistic and academic research, tells how Marwan began to collaborate with the Mossad in 1969, convincing the 007 enemies of his sincerity only after showing them the secret protocols of the sales talks. of arms between the former USSR and Egypt. . The French-Israeli production is inspired by a book of 2016 by the Israeli Uri Bar-Joseph.


Hannah Ware cast of The Angel
Hannah Ware cast of The Angel

The arrival on Netflix of a problem that has shamed Cairo for more than a decade has sparked a new debate in Egypt and has rekindled Israeli and Egyptian doubts. Ashraf Marwan was one of the most important intelligence assets in the history of Israel, surrounded by Arab armies on its borders, or a double agent who instead cheated the Israelis with art and strengthened the Egyptians. An internal Mossad investigation showed that there was no double play. In 2002, however, when an interview by Israeli scholar Ahron Bregman to the Egyptian newspaper Ahram revealed to the world that Marwan, the son-in-law of a charismatic and central leader in national history, was the agent of Kippur Point, Egypt rushed to to reveal to the national and international press that the Israelis were wrong: the man was in fact an Egyptian spy well infiltrated in the Mossad, but in Cairo’s pay. At his funeral, after that mysterious flight from the balcony, the coffin was covered by the Egyptian flag. The presence in the function of son-dolphin of the then President Hosni Mubarak,

Today in the social networks in Egypt there are those who wonder if an Israeli production film can become the definitive account of a mystery of forty years ago, while others fear that Netflix risked to raise the wrath of the Egyptian regime that has no scruples in censoring social networks and TV channels.

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“Why help the Israelis?” Says a voice in the trailer. “Because millions of innocents will die on both sides, that’s why,” says Marwan. The title shows that for the Israeli director Ariel Vromen, the protagonist, played by the Tunisian-born Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari, is the hero who has provoked a war. Zvi Zamir, the then head of the Mossad, met with “the Angel” in London on October 5, 1973, a few hours before the outbreak of a conflict that in Egypt is still known as the October 6 victory. During the meeting, Marwan would have warned of an imminent attack. However, within intelligence in Israel there are still those who maintain that, if they did not place total trust only in the information of a single man, considered fundamental for their links with the Egyptian high peaks, the Israeli army would have been on alert. many days before the tip, thanks to what the secret services already knew. For some, Marwan would not have rendered a service to the enemy army, on the contrary. Therefore, the mystery survives, despite Netflix.




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